(BC-103) Hebrews: Unit One

Course Description

Ten lectures following the established progression of the theme of the Hebrew Epistle which is the superiority of Christ; historical background and authorship; word studies; continuity and “problem” passages. In these first eight chapters, we notice that Christ is better than: the prophets, the angels, Moses, Joshua, and Aaron. Christ is set forth also as the Better expression of God, the better captain, the better deliverer, the better Apostle, the better high Priest, the better Sabbath (rest), and a better sacrifice. The covenant and testament in Christ are a better security between man and God. The work of Christ was better, in that it was a more perfect and permanent work.

Student Handout Lecture Notes

Assignment for Lecture One:
1) Copy and print out a copy of these notes before Lecture One. Notes may need to be spaced into outline format.
2) Read Introduction material.
3) Read: Hebrews 1-8

Epistle to the Hebrews
General Outline

I. Christ is Better (Chapters 1 - 8)
A. Better than the Prophets (1:1-3)
B. Better than the Angels (1:4- 2:18)
C. Better than Moses (3:1-19)
D. Better than Joshua (4:1-13)
E. Better than Aaron (4:14- 5:4)
F. Better than Melchisedec (5:5- 8:13; Genesis 14:9-20)

II. Calvary is Better (Chapters 9-10)
A. Calvary Provides a Better Sanctuary (9:1-28)
B. Calvary Provides a Better Sacrifice (10:1-39)

III. Christianity is Better (Chapters 11-13)
A. Because It is the Fulfillment of the promise of Faith (11:1-39)
B. Because It Brings the Believer into the Relationship of being Sons of God. (12:1-29)
C. Because It Offers the Possibility of Living a Godly Life (13:1-21)

Conclusion (13:22-25)

Historical Background

Note: All material marked by * should be studied in preparation for the course evaluation.

*1. The letter to the Hebrews was written to __________________________________________________ having
difficulty in making the transition from __________ to _______________.

2. The letter was also written to prompt these believers to trust ________________________________________
of the law and advance unto __________________________________________________.

3. The epistle was probably written before the ______________________________ of the __________________
in _______________.

*4. The key word for the Book of Hebrews is "____________________."

*5. The theme of the Hebrew Epistle is "_______________________________________________________."

6. The human author of the Hebrew Epistle is ________________________________________ for sure.

7. Most scholars attribute the letter to _____________ because of the _________________________ and ________________________________________ of the letter.

8. Others deny _______________ authorship on the basis of the "_____________________________________" style of the letter.

Christ is Better Than The Prophets
(Hebrews 1:1-3)

*1. The foundation for our faith is based on the two words, "____________" and "____________________."

2. Verse 1 defines the true God Who is the God of _________________________.

3. The speaking of the prophets to Israel in verse 1 is speaking of the __________________________________.

4. Verses 2 and 3 speak of the giving of the ________________________________________.

*a. The Old Testament was a _________________________ of the Messiah, Christ is the Messiah.

b. " His Son..." The prophets were divinely appointed spokesmen; Christ is the ____________________ ______________________________.

c. "appointed heir" The prophets acknowledged the coming of the Heir; Christ is the ____________________ _______________.

d. "by whom also he made the worlds" The prophets were part of creation; Christ is the __________________ ___________________________.

e. "brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person" The prophets spoke of the glory of God; Christ ______________________________________________________.

f. "upholding all things by the word of his power" The prophets marveled at creation; Christ

g. "by himself purged our sins" The prophets proclaimed salvation; Christ ____________________________ __________________________________________.

h. "sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high" The prophets told of a future personal dwelling in God's presence; Christ ________________________________________________________________________.


*5. Christ is better than the prophets because of His ________________________ and Personal ________________________________________________.

6. The prophets presented a message; Christ is ______________________________________________.

Christ is Better than the Angels
Hebrews 1:4 - 14

1. Christ is better than the angels because of His place in ________________________________________ .

a. He is ______________________________ as the God the Son.

b. He is ______________________________ as the God the Son in His:

(1) _______________

(2) ____________________ (Matt 3:16-17).

(3) ______________________________ (Rom 1:3-4).

(4) Right of _____________________________________________ (John 5:22).

2. Legally, Christ is better than the angels because He ______________________________________________.

a. "Firstbegotten" refers to His _________________________________.

b. The New Testament identifies Christ as the _______________________________________ to all creation.

*3. Christ is better than the angels in that He is ___________________________________________________.

*a. The title "Firstbegotten" declares Him worthy of the angels' ________________________.

*b. The title "Son of God" declares Him worthy of the angels' _____________________.

*4. Christ is better than the angels because He is the ______________________________ and they are ________________________________________________.

a. True ministry ______________________________________ meets the need of another.

b. The expression "flame of fire" probably refers to a _____________________________________________.

4. Christ is better than the angels because He is ________________________ and they are __________________________________________.

a. His throne is __________________, existing before all creation.

b. This throne is _____________________ over all creation.

c. His throne ________________________ divine order over all creation.

5. Christ is better than the angels because of His ________________________________________.

*a. All three _____________________________________________ are eternally fulfilled in Christ.
*(1) The is the true ____________________ and Divine ______________________________.

*(2) He is the true ___________________ and Divine _________________________.

*(3) He is the true _____________ and Divine ____________________.

b. In Philippians 2: 5-10, we see that Christ is qualified because of His Divine _________________________. (Philippians 2:5-10).

*6. Christ is better than the angels because He is the ____________________________, and they are part of His ________________________.

7. Christ is better than the angels because of His ________________________________.

a. Men and angels are subject to ____________________________________________.

b. Christ is ________________________________.

8. Christ is better than the angels because of their ________________________________________ to Him.

Christ is Better than the
Angels (continued) (2:1-18)

1. In Chapter 2, we notice Christ's superiority over the angels in God's ____________________________________________________.

2. In verses 1 through 4, we see that Christ is superior to the angels in His _____________________________.

*3. Preliminary principle: Every verse in the Word of God is ________________________________________.

*a. However, the recorded spoken words of Christ bring all Scripture into ______________________________.

b. The Old Testament law was given through the ____________________________________________.

(1) The word "angel" means "___________________________________."

(2) The word "____________________" in Deut. 33:2 could refer to man or angel.

(3) Acts 7:53 confirms that angels were ___________________________ to deliver the message of the law.

c. Disobedience to the Word about Christ delivered by angels was a ______________________________.

d. Disobedience to the Word delivered by Christ is ________________________________________.

*e. Most scholars believe that verse 3 primarily applies to ______________________________...

*(1) because of the use of the words "______" and "_________________________."

*(2) Neglectful believers will not escape giving an account for their _________________________________.

f. The word "them" in verses 3 and 4 refer to ___________________________________.

*g. The witness of signs, wonders, miracles, etc. refers to the _______________________________________.

4. In verses 5 through 18, we find that Christ was better than the angels in His ability to ____________________ _____________________________________________.

*5. Man was designed to rule and administrate the earth in ___________________________________.

a. Sin brought man down to __________________________________________________ the earth.

b. The earth is presently under the bondage of ________________________________________.

c. The Greek word for "little" reveals that _______________ rule, is _________________________________.

d. Psalm 8:4-6 is quoted in verse 6 expressing the psalmist's desire to understand God's _________________ ____________________________________.

e. The obstacle to man's fulfilling God's divine plan for him is _________.

6. The only hope for the restoration of the human race is _____________________________________________.

a. The angels were not qualified to represent fallen man because redemption required ___________________ _________________.

*b. Christ became a man primarily for the purpose of _____________________________________________.

7. The nature of Christ's representation and work for man.

a. He fulfilled God's design for _____________________________________________. (v10)

b. He fulfilled God's desire for ______________________________________________________. (vv11-13)

*c. He fulfilled God's demands for ___________________________________________________. (vv14-15)

*(1) Deliverance from the __________________ of death.

*(2) Deliverance from the ____________ of death.

*(3) Deliverance from the ___________________________ of death.

d. He fulfilled God's details for _________________________________________________________. (v16)

e. He fulfills God's definition of ______________________________. (v17-18)

Christ is Better Than Moses (3:1-19)

*1. The word "Apostle" refers to Christ's work from ______________________________.

*2. The expression "High Priest" refers to Christ's work from _________________________.

*3. Together, these terms refer to Christ's work of ________________________________________________.

4. The key word concerning the faithfulness of Moses is "____________________."

a. The word is "oikos" and could mean a house, family, or the ________________________. (Matt 12:4; Mark 2:26; Luke 6:4; I Tim. 3:15; I Pet. 4:17).

b. It is clear that the "house" in verse 6 is referring to the ____________________.

c. But some scholars believe that the house of Moses in verses 3 through 5 is the ________________________________.

d. However, the "house of Moses" is probably the ____________________________________________. (Matt. 10:6; 15:24; Acts 2:36; 7:42; Heb. 8:8, 10)

*e. The expression "if we hold fast" presents the difference between ____________________ Israel and ________________________ Israel. (Rom. 2:28-29; 9:6-8)

*(1) ____________________ Israel is the complete ________________________________.

*(2) ____________________ Israel includes those who have ____________________________________.

(3) The word "end" refers to both _________________________________________ and ____________.

f. Both Moses and Israel were ____________________________________________________: but Christ ________________________.

5. These believing Jews are warned not to follow the example of _______________________________________ in the wilderness.

*a. They were delivered from ____________________, but refused to enter ________________________.

b. The children of national Israel refused to trust God in spite of His _________________________________.

*c. Entering into and occupying Canaan was ________________________________ for national Israel.

d. Realizing and occupying our ____________________________________________________ in God's plan is His perfect will for the believer.

*e. God's goal for spiritual Israel is to rest in Christ in ____________________________ as well as ________________________________.

6. National Israel in the Wilderness presents two pictures:

a. The failure of the Jewish believer to make the ________________________________________________ ________________________________________.

b. The failure of any believer to ______________________________________________________________ ____________________________________.

c. Both die being out of ________________________________________.

Conclusion: Moses was a _____________________________________________ in the house; Christ is the _________________________ of the house.

Christ is Better Than Joshua (4:1-16)

*1. The name "Jesus" is actually referring to ________________________.

*a. Jesus" is the ______________ word while "Joshua" is the _____________________ word.

*b. Both words mean _________________________________________________."

2. Both National and Spiritual Israel were __________________________________________.

a. The word "gospel" means "_________________________________________________."

b. National Israel was called to enter a ____________ of rest.

c. Spiritual Israel is called to enter into a ___________ of rest.

d. Israel chose to be satisfied with mere ___________________________________ in the wilderness rather than ___________________________________ in the land of promise.

e. Many believers are satisfied with _________________________________________________ rather than

f. God alone is the ____________________________ of spirituality.

3. In verses 4 through 9, three examples of rest are given:

a. ___________________________________ (v4).

b. ___________________________________(vv 5-6).

c. __________________________________________ (vv 7-9).

The Typology of the Sabbath

*1. The word "Sabbath" means "to ______________ and ____________________________.

a. It is associated with the seventh day of the week through the example of ___________________________.

b. The Sabbath day was ___________________________________ to the Israelites.

*2. The Sabbath was a type, or _____________________, of a future ___________________________________ rest.

The Three Aspects of Perfect Rest

*1. The first aspect of this perfect rest is a call to rest in ______________________________________________.

a. Christ completed the work of __________________________________________

b. Christ is completing the work of _________________________________________ (Eph 2:10; Philippians. 2:12-13).

c. Christ will complete the work of _________________________________ (Philippians 3:20-21).

d. In every area of the Christian life we must strive to rest in _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

*2. The second aspect of this perfect rest is a call to rest in ___________________________________________.

a. Inconsistency with God's Word is inconsistency with ___________________________________________.

b. God's Completed Word never needs to be ________________________________________________

*3. The third aspect of this perfect rest is a call to rest in _____________________________________________.

a. The High Priest represented ____________________________________________________.

b. The Atonement offered by the High Priest of Israel was _________________________________________.

c. At the same time, it was a ____________________________________________________.

d. Christ's priesthood is better because of His perfect __________________________ and __________________________.

Conclusion: Christ is better than Joshua because He provided a better rest. Joshua provided temporary rest in a ____________________________________________________, while Christ provides complete rest in a ____________________________________________________.

Christ is Better Than Aaron (5:1- 6:20)


1. Aaron was the ______________________________________ of Moses.

2. He was of the Tribe of Levi and appointed to fill the office of ___________________________________.

3. Served nearly _____ years and died at the age of _________.

4. His failures were making the ___________________________________; _____________________ Moses; and _______________________ the rock.

The Profit of the Priesthood of Aaron (vv1-2)

*1. The Priesthood of Aaron was ____________________________ of God under the ________.

2. The Priesthood of Aaron was one of human _____________________________________ and ___________________________________.

a. He offered the _______ offering for the "ignorant."

b. He offered a _____________________ offering for the "out of the way."

The Weakness of the Priesthood of Aaron (v3)

*1. The Priesthood of Aaron had to _____________________________________________________________.

*2. The priests in the priesthood of Aaron had to ___________________________________________________.

3. The weakness of the Aaronic Priesthood is because they were ____________________________.

The Distinction of the Priesthood of Aaron (vv4 -10)

The Designated Call to Office (vv4-5)

*1. The Levitical priests were called though their __________________________________________.

*2. Christ was called through His ___________________________________.

3. One's becoming a priest was the result of ___________________________________ rather than __________________________________________.

A Designated Duration of Office (vv 6 & 10)

*1. The writer uses the example of __________________________________________ to show the __________________________________________ of Christ's priesthood.

2. This was needed because Christ ____________________________________________________________.

3. Melchisedec was proclaimed as a priest of God ___________________________________ the Levitical Priesthood was established.

4. The writer proves that the Levitical Priesthood was __________________________________________, nor would it ___________________________________.

5. In summary:

*a. The Levitical Priesthood was established under the __________________________________________ of the Law.

*b. The Priesthood of Melchisedec was established under the ______________________________________ Covenant.

6. The Priesthood of Melchisedec preceded the __________________________________________.

7. The Priesthood of Christ, being ___________________, _________________________ all other priesthoods.

The Incarnation and the Perfection of Christ's Priesthood (vv 7-9)

1. Christ became a man to _________________________________________________ man in the will of God.

2. His surrender was the result of a perfect ______________________________________________________.

3. His obedience was the result of a _________________________________________________.

4. His completion of the work was the result of _________________________________________________.

*5. His being the "Author" of eternal salvation actually means He was the _______________________________ ___________________________________.

A Rebuke for Spiritual Immaturity (vv 11-14)

1. Their immaturity was revealed in their unwillingness to ________________________________________

*2. Their immaturity was the result of __________________________________________.

3. Their immaturity could be corrected through acceptance of the ___________________________________ concerning the ___________________________________ of Christ.

Conclusion: So far, we have learned that the the Priesthood of Christ is better than the priesthood of Aaron because:

1. First of all: He had ______________________________ without __________.

2. Secondly: He had ______________________________ without __________.

Christ is Better Than Aaron (continued)


*1. Chapter 6 of the Hebrew epistle is a ________________________________________________________.

a. This is a statement that is added to make a previous statement ______________________________.

b. This statement ________________________ Chapter 5, verses 11-16

*2. These Hebrew believers had a ___________________________ problem.

a. The word "dull" means ___________________________.

*b. As a result of this problem, the Hebrew believers also had a _______________________ problem.

*c. Because of this problem, the Hebrew believers had a problem distinguishing between Divine __________________ and human _____________________________________________.

d. In Chapter 6, the writer shows them certain things which only God can ___________________________ and ___________________________.

The Principle of the
Parenthetical Statement (6:1-12)

Things We Are Not Able to
Establish or Maintain (vv 1-6)

1. The foundation of our faith is a ____________________________________ divine work.

*a. The foundation of the church is ________________________. (I Cor. 3:11).

b. The church is built on established __________________. (Matt. 16:18).

2. Foundational Truths which are eternally established and maintained by God.

a. Repentance from dead Works (Ceasing to trust in man's __________________ work)

b. Faith Toward God (Complete trust in God's ________________________ work.)

c. Baptisms And Laying On Of Hands (Distinguishing between ____________________________________ and ________________________.)

d. Resurrection Of The Dead (Recognize the only _________________________________ and _______________________________.)

e. Eternal Judgment (Rest in God's perfect ability to __________________ and __________________.)

3. These foundational truths are beyond man's ability to ___________________________; but are within his ability to ___________________________.

Problem Verses

1. Three explanations of these problem verses:

a. The false idea of one's _____________________________________________.

b. The popular idea that these are mere ___________________________ of Christ.

c. The most likely idea of the uselessness of worrying about:

(1) ...the strength of the ____________________________________;

(2) ...or God's ability to __________________.

2. Conclusion:

a. If God's foundation is not _________________, anything man would seek to do is ___________________.

b. If God's foundation __________________, it is impossible for man to ___________________________ it.
c. Therefore, stop worrying about God's __________________ and be concerned about your _____________________________________________.

Things We Are Able to Establish and Maintain (vv 7-11)

*1. Personal _____________________________________________

*2. Personal _____________________________________________

*3. Personal _____________________________________________

Summary Statement: Spiritual maturity is the result of realizing God's ability to save and keep, and our responsibility to surrender and save.

Christ is Better Than Aaron (continued)

1. To prove that Christ's priesthood is better than that of Aaron, the writer must prove three things:

a. the priesthood of Melchisedec was ______________________;

b. the priesthood of Melchisedec was ___________________________________ to that of Aaron; and

c. the priesthood of Melchisedec was not _____________________ to the period of the law. (Genesis 14:14-20).

2. The name “Melchisedec” means “________________________________________________________.”

3. The word “Salem” means “_____________________.”

4. Many scholars believe and insist that Melchisedec was a ____________________________________________ manifestation of Christ.

5. Others believe that Melchisedec was only a ______________ of Christ, but not the Lord Himself.

*6. The expression “without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life.” probably refers to fact that Melchisedec had no recorded ____________________________.

7. The important thing is that Melchisedec was ________________________ of God and ____________________ the Mosaic law and Levitical priesthood.

a. His priesthood was valid because he received _____________________.

b. His priesthood was not ___________________________ by the law because it was ordained before the law.

1. Under the law, being from the tribe of Levi was the foremost _________________________________ for a priest.

2. The Levites were authorized to __________________________________________ from the Israelites.

3. However, Abraham ___________________________________ and received ____________________________ from Melchisedec, who was not of the tribe of Levi.

4. Melchisedec was qualified because he was ordained of God _________________________________ was given.

*5. Abraham represented all of Israel because he was the ______________________________________________.

6. Therefore, _____________________________________________________ was ministered to by Melchisedec.

Christ was After the Similitude of the Priesthood of Melchisedec - (7:11-17)

1. First we notice that the Levitical priesthood was ___________________________________ priesthood.

2. Because the levitical priesthood was established under the law, it had __________________________________ than the law.

3. Because of the limitation of the Levitical Priesthood, a more perfect priesthood had to come.

4. Melchisedec was a priest before the ______________________________________________were established.

*5. The law of Moses made no provision for a priesthood outside the ______________________________________.

*6. The priesthood of Melchisedec showed God's ____________________________________ to establish such a priesthood.

*7. Christ came from the tribe of _____________________.

8. The writer proves that a priesthood outside the confines of the tribe of Levi was __________________________________________.

9 First, there existed one which was __________________________________________.

10. Secondly, there was one ____________________________ in Scripture.

11. David prophesied of Christ's Priesthood 1000 years before the ___________________________________. (Psalm 110:1-4)

12. When a Levitical priest offered a sacrifice, it was _________________________________________________ that represented the _________________________________________________.

Conclusion: Three Questions Answered

1. The priesthood of Melchisedec was valid because Abraham ____________________________ and ______________________________________ it.

*2. The priesthood of Melchisedec was better because it was established under the __________________________ covenant which was __________________________________________.

3. The priesthood of Melchisedec was not limited to the law because it ____________________________ the law.

4. Another point which must be made is that Christ was not a ________________________ of the Melchisedec Priesthood.

a. The priesthood of Christ was ____________________________ to that of Melchisedec.

b. The words "after the order of" mean that the priesthood of Melchisedec is being used as __________________________________________.

*c. Although Christ's priesthood is simular to Melchisedec's in its being extra-Levitical; it is different in the fact that it is established "____________________________."

Christ is Better Than Aaron (continued)

Christ is Better Than Aaron
(Levitical Priesthood)

In Chapter 7, verses 18-28, we will see that the Priesthood of Christ is better than that of Aaron because of its superior ____________________ and______________________________.

The Inability of the Law to Save

1. We must be careful not to take the expression "weakness and unprofitableness" to mean "_______________."

*2. The law was perfect in its power to __________________________________________________. However, it was not perfect in it’s ability to _________________. (Galatians 3:21-25; Romans 7:7-12)

3. The purpose of the law was to reveal and condemn sin in such a way as to bring ________________________ to the sinner.

4. Conviction of sin and revelation of personal ______________________________ are all the law can do.

5. Before the law could be ______________________________, it had to be ___________________________.

6. The best the law could do was offer a temporary ______________________________. However, Christ, whom the law represented, offers ____________________________________________________ salvation.

The Divine Oath

*1. The Levitical Priesthood was appointed by a ____________________ anointing under a ________________________________________ covenant.

*2. The Priesthood of Christ was __________________________ by the _______________________________ Divine Oath of God. (Psalm 110:4)

3. Where there is no condition, there is no possibility of ______________________________.

Contrasts Between the Levitical and Messianic Priesthoods

1. The limitation concerning the duration of the Levitical Priest's ministry was ____________________.

2. Christ's Priesthood is ____________________ and ________________________________________.

3. In Christ, we have an eternal Representative who is always true and faithful in His ________________________________________ between us and God.

4. The limitation concerning the quality of the Levitical Priest's ministry was __________________________________________________.

a. The Levitical Priests had to make sacrifices to ____________________ for their own sins as well as the sins of the people.

b. Christ offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice for ___________________________.


*1. The Levitical Priesthood was a temporary ministry with ___________________________________________ offering ____________________________________________________________.

*2. The High Priesthood of Christ offers a ________________________________________________________ who offered a __________________________________________________.

Christ is Better Than Aaron (continued)

1. In Chapter 7, we noted that Christ is greater than Melchisedec because Christ was ______________________ before the foundation of the world and ___________________________ by the oath of God.

2. The strong point of Chapter 8 is not only the superiority of the Priesthood of Christ, but also the superiority of the ______________________________________________________ given through Christ.

The Sanctuary, of Christ is Superior
to the Tabernacle of the Levitical Priesthood

1. Christ is not a temporary __________________ in a temporary ____________________________________.

2. Christ is the eternal High Priest and His sanctuary is the __________________________________________ ___________________________ in heaven.

3. The Tabernacle and Temple of the Old Testament were the __________________________________________ of men’s own hands, but the heavenly sanctuary of Christ is the ______________________________ of God.

*4. The purpose of the Tabernacle and Priesthood was to ____________________________________________.

*5. Christ as the Eternal High Priest offered _____________________ as the ____________________________ ____________________________________ for sin.

*6. The Levitical Priesthood and Tabernacle were God ordained temporary ______________________________of the _____________________________________ and the _____________________________________.

*7. When Moses was given the plan for the Tabernacle, God allowed him to have a __________________ of the heavenly sanctuary for _____________________________________________.

8. The Tabernacle of Moses and the Levitical Priesthood were but a reproduction of the real sanctuary of God and the Priesthood of Christ. The need for the reproduction is ___________________________, when the _____________________________________________.

The Better Covenant

1. Christ has a more excellent ministry because He mediated a better ___________________________.

*2. A covenant is an ___________________________ or __________________________ between two persons.

*3. The Israelites (Hebrews) God's ________________________________________________ through a covenant God made with ____________________________________.

4. Later, God made a covenant with Israel through the ______________________________________, when Israel was delivered from Egypt.

5. Israel failed to keep the conditions of the covenant and were _______________________________________ as a nation.

6. The fault with the law, is that man could not _____________________________________________________.

*7. The covenant of the law _____________________ the ____________________________ of man.

*8. The New Covenant of Christ reveals the ________________________________________________ and _____________________ of God (Romans 1:16-17).

a. The New Covenant, is not determined by outward _____________________________________________; but a spiritual inward power from the heart to serve and please God.

b. Those who receive the New Covenant enter into a ______________________________________________ with God that is _____________________________________ through Christ, who is God the Son.

c. The law of ________ written in the heart has caused the law of ordinance written on stones to vanish.

d. The _____________________________________________________________ of Christ has caused the Levitical knowledge of God through ceremony to vanish.

e. The ______________________________________ of Christ has caused the Levitical Priesthood to Vanish.