(BC 107) Revelation (Unit 3)

A verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation focusing on the six series of sevens presented in the writing. This is a comparative study including the interpretations of many Bible believing authors and teachers. In this third unit, there will be nine lectures on the Seven Persons (Chapters 12-14) and the Seven Vials (Chapters 15-16).

Student Handout Lecture Notes

Assignment for Lecture One:
1) Copy and print out a copy of these notes before Lecture One. Notes may need to be spaced into outline format.
2) Read: Revelation Chapter 12

NOTE: All Numbers or letters marked with * should be studied for the evaluation.

The Seven Persons

Introducing the Woman, the Dragon and the Man Child
(Reference: Revelation 12:1-5)

The Sun Clothed Woman

*1. The woman clothed with the sun is the ___________________________, or __________.

2. The word used for “woman” means a _____________________ woman, or literally, a “____________.”

3. Hosea 2: 14-20, God made a promise to unfaithful _________________ that He would lead her into the wilderness in a time of great _________________________.

4. God also promises to ___________________ her and enter into a special _____________________________ with her.

*5. God further promises that He will give her vineyards and the ____________________________________ which means “________________________.” (Joshua 7).

6. This prophecy of Hosea will be fulfilled during the ___________________________________ Period.

a. God will call the faithful Israelites to come out of Judea into the wilderness after _____________________________ is revealed. (Dan. 9:27; Matt. 24:15-21; II Thess. 2:8).

b. God says that in that day Israel shall call Him “___________” which means “_________________________.”

c. God will be recognized as the ________________________ of Israel.

7. Israel is considered the ____________ of God.

*8. The mention of the sun, moon and twelve stars correspond to the dream of _____________________ in Genesis 37:9-11.

a. The sun represents _________________ whose name was changed to “____________________.”

b. The moon under her feet represents _________________, the wife of Jacob who was ____________ by the time this dream was fulfilled.

9. The twelve stars represent the twelve ___________________ of Israel.

The Great Red Dragon

*1. The great red dragon is the ________________________________, or ____________.

2. Verse 9 identifies him as the ______________ and _______________.

3. The seven heads and seven crowns are symbolic of Satan’s __________________ while the ten horns are a picture of his _____________________.

a. The number seven in the Bible is the number of ___________________________.

b. The number ten is the number of ___________________ responsibility, and the ten horns represent his authority over the _______________________________at this time.

4. The Greek word for “dragon” means “___________________________________.”

5. Many Bible scholars believe that this third part of the stars represent the _______________________________________ that followed Satan.

6. The casting down of Satan to the earth takes place in the ______________________________________________________________.

a. During this present time of the church age, Satan is headquartered in the ____________________________________________.

b. Here, Michael and his angels will be sent from God to cast Satan _________________________________ .

c. The earth must still contend with Satan for _____________________________.

The Man Child

*1. This man child is the______________________________________________.

2. As the man child, He is represented as the __________________________ and Promised ___________ of Israel. (Romans 9:1-5).

3. Israel rejected Christ as their _________________________, but restored Israel will receive Him during the _____________________________________________.

The Dragon's Assault (Reference: Revelation 12:4-17)

1. In verses 4 and 5, we notice the __________________________________ from the __________________________.

*a. When Israel rejected Christ as their Messiah, they died _____________________ as a _________________ (Ezek. 37, Rom. 11:15).

b. They will remain spiritually dead as a nation ______________________ through the Tribulation Period.

*c. When the ___________________________ is revealed, a multitude of Israelites will turn from him, and ___________________ Jesus Christ.

d. This group will be the true ___________________________________.

e. They will flee out of Judea into _____________________________________ to be protected by God for _________________________________ years.

2. This protection and provision is necessary because of the ____________________.

a. The wings of the eagle in verse 14 are symbolic of the _____________________ _____________ of God (Exodus 19:4; Matt.23:37; Luke 13:34).

*b. A time, and times, and half a time represents _______________________ years.

*c. The flood coming forth from the mouth of the dragon is the __________________________________________________.

d. Most scholars believe that the help of the earth mentioned in verse 16 represents the ___________________________________.

*(1) The judgment of the nations will be according to how the Gentile nations treated ________________________ in her time of ____________________.

(2) The nations that protect and provide for Israel will be represented in the ____________________________________ of Christ.

3. The expression “the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood” represents the dragon's ___________________________________ on those who protect Israel.

4. Verse 17 is a foresight of the gathering at __________________________.

a. This will be the ___________________________________ to Israel.

b. Christ will return to destroy the _______________________________________.

c. Satan will be bound in the ______________________________________ for _______________________________ years.

5. In verse 4, we noticed that Satan sought to _________________ the child as soon as He was born.

The Beast Out of the Sea (Reference: Revelation 13:1-10)

(Verses 1-3)

*1. Some scholars believe that this beast is simply the ______________________________.

a. Because of the description given, others believe that the beast coming out of the sea is representative of the complete __________________________________________________ or _________________________________________________________________.

b. When Christ was first presented to Israel as their King, _____________ ruled the world.

c. The Roman Empire fell nearly ________ years ago and had emperors until approximately _______ A.D.

d. But, as Rome was falling as a __________________________ empire, she was gaining strength as a __________________________ empire.

e. There were two types of power in Rome: political power, having to do with the ____________________; and religious power, having to do with the __________________________.

f. What Rome lost in political power in __________ A.D., she has gained in religious power through the ____________________________________________________.

g. The beast coming up out of the sea will be the restoration of the fallen __________________________ empire headed up by a new emperor given power by _______________________.

2. Daniel saw a vision of _____________________________ almost _________ years before the birth of Christ (Daniel 7).

a. The four beasts are four _____________ which shall arise out of the earth representing four ____________________________________________________.

(1) According to the Word of God, there will only be _____________ world empires.

(2) These are the four beasts and the Kingdom of __________________________.

b. There have been four world empires upon the earth already.

* (1) Lion - The _______________________________________ Empire (Jer. 4:7)

* (2) Bear - The _______________________________________ Empire

* (3) Leopard - The __________________________ Empire

*(4) Monstrosity - The __________________________ Empire

c. Rome died as a __________________________empire but continues on as a ______________________ empire.

d. During the Tribulation Period, Rome will be _________________________________________________ from the dead.

e. The ten horns are ten _____________ representative of a ______________________________________ over the earth.

3. The fourth beast of Daniel and the beast out of the sea in Rev. 13 both represent the ____________________________________________________.

4. The reverse order is because Daniel was looking into the __________________________ and John was looking at the _____________.

*5. This Revived Roman Empire will be a __________________________ of all the other empires.

6. The political head of Rome suffered a deadly wound in __________ A.D.; but Satan is going to __________________________ that dead political head.

a. The expression “as it were wounded to death” means that it __________________________ to be dead.

b. When the devil is cast down to earth, he will give apparently dead political Rome, _____________, __________________________, and ____________________________________.

c. Those who beieve that this beast is the actual Antichrist believe that he will _________ and be _______________________________________________________________.

d. Both interpretations hold that "rising up out of the sea" means that this person or system will come up out of the _____________________________________________.

7. The fact that this beast is referred to as “him” has caused many to believe that this beast is the _______________________________________________, rather than the Revived Roman Empire.

a. The first Roman Empire was referred to as “__________________________.”

b. The name and person of ________________________ had become _____________________________ with the Empire of Rome.

(Verses 3-6)

8. In verses 3 through 5, we notice the ___________________________________ of the beast out of the sea.

a. The Roman church denies the vital doctrines of the Word of God such as:

(1) The sufficiency of Christ as our sole _______________________________________.

(2) The independence of the local church to __________________________ itself.

(3) The ability and responsibility of every believer to ____________________________________________ the Bible.

(4) The _______________________________________ of the believer.

(5) The table of the Lord as a _______________________________________________ of faith in Christ.

(6) The __________________________________ only of those who have knowingly and will fully received Christ as their Savior.

b. Romanism is a ________________________________________ and ____________________ enterprise which uses the term “______________________________” to hide its deception.

c. Romanism from its very birth has been a ____________________________ and ____________________ of God’s Word.

d. Romanistic leaders claim to speak with the ________________________________________ of God.

9. This Revived Roman Empire will have power for __________ years.

(Verses 7-10)

10. The ______________________________ and __________________ of this empire is to make war with the saints and to overcome them.

a. The whole world will fall under the authority and worship of this evil system, with the exception of the __________________________________________________.

b. The warning: to recognize the ________________________________________ of this evil system.

c. The promise: God will ______________________________________ the saints.

The Beast Out of the Earth (Reference: Revelation 13:11-13)

(verses 11-13)

1. How this second beast is identified depends upon how the ______________________________ is identified.

Note: Neither of the two following views are heresy. There are doctrinally sound scholars who disagree on the identity of these two beasts.

*a. Those who identify the first beast as the actual Antichrist himself will identify this second beast as the ________________________ of the first beast, or the ____________________________________.

Explanation of this view based on quotes.

(1) Ryrie - "At no time in his career does he ________________________ himself..."

(2) Walvoord - "...this character, who is later described as the false prophet, is a creature of the __________________ rather than ___________________________."

3) Alderman- "...the portrait of Antichrist is incomplete without the _______________________ of his counterpart in the ________________________ world ...who is properly called the False Prophet."

(4) Levy - "Clearly the first beast is the Antichrist, and the false prophet is _________________________ to him."

*b. Those who identify the first beast as the Revived Roman Empire believe that this second beast is none other than the ________________________________________________.

c. Explanation of this latter view.

(1) The ________________________________________ was in political control of the known world at the time of Christ.

(2) Due to their rejection of Christ, Israel was __________________________________________ as a nation and God turned to the ________________________ (Romans 11).

*(3) This time of dealing with the Gentiles is known as the “______________________________.”

(4) When the church age is over, Rome will be revived and once again ____________________________ rule the world (the beast out of the sea).

(5) The __________________________________________ will be preached, just as it was by John the Baptist, Christ, and the Apostles (Matt. 10:1-15).

(6) There will be a renewed interest among the Jews concerning their ________________________.

(7) The Devil will seize this opportunity and interest to present his ______________________________ Christ to Israel.

(8) Israel will receive this Anti-christ and worship under his guidance for ______________________ years.

(9) When he suddenly changes from a man of peace to a wicked, blasphemous tyrant, many will ______________________________ him and flee out of Judea.

(10) Because of the ____________________________________of these events, some believe that the Revived Roman Empire must be established __________________ Antichrist is presented.

The Description of the Beast Out of the Earth

1. Christ is known as the “______________________________” (John 1:29,36).

*2. The devil vowed in his heart that he would ________________________ the Most High (Isa. 14:12-14).

3. This ______________________________ Christ, Satan’s __________________________ of the Son of God, will be the greatest work of deception the Devil has ever done.

4. The Roman Empire will be revived, the Kingdom Gospel will be preached, and the world will be ______________________________ to the need of a God sent King.

5. The Devil will attempt to rob our Lord and Savior of His rightful place as ______________________________ and ____________________________________.

6. The coming of the Anti-christ is foretold throughout Scripture.

a. Daniel 11:36-37 foretells his ______________________________ actions.

b. Daniel 9:24-27 foretells his ______________________________ of Israel.

c. In I John 2:18, John makes a distinction between the __________________________________________ and the personal Anti-christ.

d. Paul explains in I Thess. 2:7-12 that he will come in ________________________ power to work signs and lying wonders to deceive the people of the world.

e. Christ Himself warned Israel to ______________________________ Anti-christ and ____________ from his presence (Matt. 24:15-26).

7. Every description of Anti-christ in Scripture seems to point to this second beast out of the earth.

a. He has two horns as a lamb which means "________________________" or "_____________________."

(1) God the Son indwelt a body of flesh to ______________________________ God before man.

(2) This false christ will be Satan indwelling a man to ______________________________________ God.

b. The word exerciseth shows that this Satanic person will ________________________ and ________________________ all of the power of the Revived Empire and One World System.

8. Horns in the Bible are representative of ______________________________.

a. The three anointed offices in the Israelite faith were ________________________, __________________ and __________________.

*b. Anti-christ will claim two of these offices, that of __________________ and _________________.

*c. The office of prophet will be given to the ________________________, as we will see later.

d. He has two horns as a lamb, BUT, he will speak as a ________________________.

e. Principle: Spiritual counterfeits are exposed by their inconsistency with the Word of God, either in ________________________ or ________________________ ((II Corinthians 11:13-15; Matt. 7:15-23).

The Image and Mark of the Beast (Reference: Revelation 13:14-18)

Verses 12-14

1. Satan is evil and uses ________________________ worship to deceive men and women.

a. Christ came to ________________________ God and direct ________________________ toward Him.

b. The Anti-christ will use his ________________________________________________ to direct men’s worship toward the wicked system of Satan.

*c. Being ordained of God (Rom. 13:1-7), proper human government will enforce the ______________________________ of God.

* d. Recently, there has been a revival in “__________________________________” and signs and wonders.

*e. The faith in the miracle becomes directed to the ____________ who claims to be the ____________________________________used of God.

*f. The result is the concept of "______________________________ of God."

g. When the true church is raptured out of the earth, those who remain behind will be seeking a ______________________________ to perform signs and wonders; and Satan’s ____________________________________ christ will provide them.

Verses 14-15

*2. The Image of the Beast will be a _______________________________________________ of the followers of Anti-christ during the Tribulation Period.

a. It will be an image "______" (not _____) the first beast.

*b. Those who see the first beast as the personal ________________________ will see this image as a ________________________ of the Him.

(1) They also interpret the "he" in verse 15 as the __________________________________________ who will give life to the image.

(2) Most agree that this "life" is an __________________ or staged ________________________ because the word used refers to a "__________________ or a ____________."

(3) Others believe that God will allow the false prophet to give actual life to the image the word used for power is usually translated as "to ____________" or "to _________________."

(4) More modern scholars hold that because the word image simply means likeness, it could refer to a ________________________ generated image.

3. Those who view the first beast as the Revived Roman Empire and the second beast as the personal Antichrist will naturally see this image as a ________________________ likeness.

a. Romanism, throughout the years, has been steeped in the ________________________ of images.

b. The word “image” means “________________________ or _________________________________.”

c. Anti-christ will make this image more than a mere visual representation when he gives it ____________ .

d. This image will become a ________________________ and ____________________ authority in his wicked system.

*4. Many believe believe the image of the beast is the ____________________________________ mentioned later in the Revelation.

a. This image will be the _____________________________ of the Revived Roman and Anti-christ system.

*b. The Revived Roman Empire will be ruled by Anti-christ who will be the ________________________, and his ____________________________________ will be the image.

*5. In the theory of a __________________________________________ :

a. Satan is the ________________________,

b. Antichrist is the _______________________,

*c. The image is the ______________________________ because the word life is pneuma which is used when speaking of the Holy Spirit.

6. Those who refuse to worship the Beasts and their Image will be __________________.

Verses 16- 18

The Mark of the Beast

7. Things that are clear concerning the mark of the beast:

a. Every inhabitant of earth will be ________________________________ to receive this mark.

b. The mark will be in the ________________________ or in their ________________________.

* c. The mark will regulate the ________________________________ operation of the world.

8. Some believe that the ________________ of the beast, the ________________ of the beast, and the ________________________________ of the beast are not the same because of the use of the word "or".

a. The number 666 could be ________________________, representing the kingdom of man and his power.

b. It could be a ________________________ 666 marked in the right hand or forehead.

(1) The forehead is symbolic of ________________.

(2) The right hand is symbolic of ________________________________________.

c. Those who receive the mark of the beast will receive material and physical gain for a ________________________, but will suffer ________________________ loss.

d. Those who reject the mark of the beast will suffer material and physical _______________, but they will gain eternal ________________________.

The practical lesson: God allows the evil to continue until one day it will be ripe for the judgment. He also gives grace to those who choose to follow Christ, even in the darkest hour, as we will learn in Chapter 14.

The Five Promises
(Reference: Revelation 14:1-20)

1. Some consider the 14th chapter of Revelation the ____________________________ of the Tribulation saints.

a. It is a chapter of _____________________ and ____________________________.

b. It is also a ____________________________ within a ____________________________.

The Lamb on Zion (14:1)

2. Before we study these five promises, we will finish our study of the seven persons. The seventh person is the Lamb on Zion (Sion), the _________________________________________________.

a. Mount Zion is the _________________________________________________ of Israel.

(1) There the __________________________________________ of God dwelt within the holy of holies.

(2) This mountain was set apart and reserved for the ___________________________________.

b. The Lamb of God is here represented in His ___________________________________.

c. Christ is set forth as a lamb and His triumph is presented for the purpose of ________________________.

*The First Promise - Reward (14:1-5)

3. The 144,000 tribulation saints will be allowed to _________________ with Christ and __________________ in His glory.

a. They will also be rewarded with a ____________________________.

(1) The four beasts and the elders can ____________________________ to this song.

(2) This is a special song promised to the __________________________________________.

b. The third part of this reward is a ___________________________________ from God and Christ.

(1) Some believe that the reference to virgins is _____________________.

(2) Others believe that it is speaking of _________________________________________________. (Heb. 13:4; Rev. 17:1-5, 18:3-4).

*The Second Promise - Regulation (14:6-7)

4. God is ____________________________.

a. The everlasting gospel mentioned here is the basic ____________________________ of every Gospel which is the ___________________________________ of God.

b. The Gospel of Grace preached today, is based upon the ___________________________________ and ____________________________ of God.

(1) God ___________________________________

(2) God ___________________________________

(3) God ___________________________________

c. The same element constitutes the ____________________________ Gospel.

d. These tribulation saints will have the promise that God is in ____________________________ and will _____________________ this wicked system.

*The Third Promise - The Ruin of Babylon (14: 8-12)

5. This is a promise that will be fulfilled in Chapters ____________________________.

a. Babylon will be the seat of the Revived Roman Empire and Anti-christ system which will be headquartered and represented by the __________________________________________ (Rev. 18:1-9).

b. Those who become spiritually joined to this system by ________________________________________ of the beast will be ____________________________.

c. Those who refuse Babylon will _____________________ at the hands of this evil system, but will receive _________________________________________________.

d. Those who worship the Beast will suffer the _____________________ of God and _________________________________________________.

e. When a person receives the mark of the beast, he ______________ his eternal ______________.

*The Fourth Promise - Rest (14:13)

6. The tribulation saints will suffer ____________________________, but will experience eternal ____________ and _____________________.

a. The others will sell out for temporal ___________________ only to suffer eternal ___________________.

b. As in every dispensation, the works of ______________ are eternal and will be eternally ___________________________________.

*The Fifth Promise - Revenge Upon the Wicked (14:14-20)

7. This promise is not to be confused with the judgment of ____________________________ which will be a judgment upon the ___________________________________.

a. The judgment mentioned here will be upon the ____________________________ of this system being a preview of __________________________________________.

b. This is a description of when Christ will come to judge the followers of Anti-christ at the close of the __________________________________________________________.

c. This could be:

(1) ... the harvest promised in the parable of the ___________________________________ (Matthew 13)

(2) ... the harvest prophesied in ___________________________________;

(3) ... and the treading of the winepress mentioned in ___________________________________.

d. This is a reference to the great battle of __________________________________________ which is here given as a promise to these tribulation saints that Christ will ________________________ all wickedness.

Preparation For The Vial Judgments
(Reference: Revelation 15:1-4)

(Verse 1)

1. Review: There are two basic beliefs concerning the chronological order of these judgments:

*a. The _____________________________________________ Interpretation teaches that each set of judgments (Seals, Trumpets and Vials) runs its course before the next set begins.

*b. The _____________________________________________ Interpretation teaches that the judgments occur _____________________________________________ during the Tribulation period.

(1) The two events which offer a distinct timing are the revelation of _________________________________ and the casting down of __________________ to the earth. We know that both of these events occur ____________________________________ through the seven year tribulation period: (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 13:5-6; Revelation 12:13-14)

(2) A careful study of the Revelation reveals that each judgment appears to be dealing with a particular ____________________________________.

(a) The seven seal judgments deal primarily with __________________; hence the interruption between the sixth and seventh seal concerning the ____________________________________of Israel.

(b) The seven trumpet judgments deal with the _____________________________________________ on earth; which explains the interruption between the sixth and seventh trumpets concerning the ____________________________________ that are rejected by the inhabitants of the earth.

(c) The seven vial judgments will deal primarily with the judgment on the ___________________________ system. The first vial is a judgment to those who have received the __________________ of the beast.

(3) According to the Concentrated Interpretation, each set of judgments is a ______________ through the Tribulation Period, but with a different ___________________________.

*2. The word for “sign” means “__________________.” This is the _________________________________.

3. When John first sees these seven angels with the seven vials of judgment, they are in the _____________________________________________ of God.

(verse 2)

1. John saw a great sea of glass mingled with fire, upon which were standing those who had resisted the ____________________________________________________.

a. This sea of glass and fire could represent the _____________________________________________ of the saint before he can enter into the presence of God.

*b. This sea of glass was represented by:

*(1) The ____________________________________ in the tabernacle design.

*(2) The ____________________________________ in the temple design.

*2. This sea of glass before the throne of God in heaven is symbolic of the _____________________________ of the saint.

a. Today, we enter into the ___________________________ presence of God through the Lord Jesus Christ who is already glorified.

b. One day we will also be glorified and enter into the ____________________________________ presence of God (Philippians 3:21).

c. According to verse 8, these Tribulation saints will all ___________________________________________, once the Tribulation plagues are complete.

(verse 3-4)

*1. The song of Moses was a song of ___________________________ after God had closed the Red Sea upon Israel’s enemies (Ex. 15:1-19).

2. This song is in praise to God for sending judgment out upon the ____________________________________ that has killed the saints.

3. Those who die for their faith will gather on this ____________________________________ as they await the close of the Tribulation Period.

4. When the final plagues are finished, they will all be _____________________________________________.

5. When they see these angels preparing to __________________ the Anti-christ system, they know that the end of the __________________________________________________ is near and sing the song of victory.

6. Although the Beast has killed them for serving Christ, they are ___________________________ now on the sea of glass.

The Vial Judgments
(Reference: Revelation 15:5-16:7)

(verses 5-8)

*1. The word used for temple refers to the ___________________________________ of God in the ___________________________________.

2. The seven angels coming out of the temple are clothed in white linen which symbolizes __________________________________________.

3. The golden girdles represent preparation for _____________________ or _____________________.

4. These seven angels are commissioned of God to go forth unto the earth on a mission of ____________________________.

*5. The seven vials are ______________ of the ______________ of God.

6. The angel that gives the seven vials to the angels coming out of the Temple could be the ________________________________________________________.

7. The wrath of God is kindled against the _________________________________________________ of earth.

Chapter 16 Introduction

1. The seven angels are commanded to go forth with these seven vials full of the _________________________.

2. Some believe, these seven vial judgments will be focused primarily upon the __________________________ system, ___________________________________, and its seat - ____________________________.

(verses 1-2)

*1. With the first vial, a noisome (harmful) and grievous sore falls upon the followers of the _________________________________________________.

2. The objects of this judgment prove that the seven vial judgments will not begin until the __________________________________________ of the Tribulation Period.

(verse 3)

*1. The second vial is poured out and with this judgment, the sea is turned into _____________________.

2. The blood of a dead man is _________________________________________________.

3. The sea mentioned in this plague is probably the _______________________________________________ which surrounds ______________.

4. This second vial will be a total judgment on the sea around this _____________________________________ and its seat ____________________________.

(verses 4-7)

*1. The third vial is a judgment upon the __________________________________________.

2. This plague will cause the inhabitants of Rome to ______________________________________________.

3. The expression, “angel of the waters” could be:

a. ...________________________________ who was sent forth to pour out the judgment upon the waters,

b. ...or an actual angel who is over the _________________________________________________?

4. The other voice which comes out of the altar could be the voice of those who suffered and died under the scourge of Romanism during the ___________________________________.


1. The first three of these plagues which seemed to be aimed at the Antichrist ________________________ and its ________________________________.

a. Other scholars insist that the vial judgments will be aimed at mankind ____________________________.

b. Some hold a position which is a ____________________________ between the world-wide and localized theories concerning the ________________________________ of these seven vial judgments.

c. Those on both sides who tend to go to extremes seem to be overlooking the fact that the Antichrist Empire will be a ________________________________________________.

(1) Judgment upon the kingdom of the beast will definitely affect the ____________________________.

(2) Both views agree that the world wide affect upon mankind will be ____________________________.

verses 8 - 9

*1. The fourth vial judgment is a judgment poured out upon the ____________.

2. People will be scorched by the great heat but will continue in their ________ and ______________________.

*3. This Antichrist system will instill a degree of ________________________________________ in its followers which will refuse acknowledge God.

verses 10 - 11

*1. The fifth vial is ________________________ and is a ________________________ judgment upon the seat of the kingdom of Antichrist.

*2. According to the Revived Roman Empire interpretation...

*a. ...this seat will be located in ________________...

*b. ...and will be known as spiritual ________________________________.

*c. ...Rome, the seat, and Babylon are all the ________________________________________.

*3. This plague is ________________________________________________ upon the leaders and members of the Anti-christ system.

4. Also, as in the fourth vial, they will not _______________ but proceed in worse ________________________ and sinfulness.

verses 12 - 16

*1. With the sixth vial judgment, the Euphrates River is ________________________________.

*a. The Euphrates River is the biblical boundary that separates the ____________ from the ____________.

b. When it is dried up, Anti-christ will be able to ________________ his armies from all over the earth.

2. Some believe that the Euphrates mentioned here could be ________________________ of a lack of unity among the kings of the earth and the anti-christ system.

a. In verses 13 and 14 we see the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet sending out evil spirits to ________________________________________________ of the kings of the earth.

b. Symbolically, the drying of the euphrates could be God allowing this lack of unity to be removed for His ________________________________________.

3. The dragon (Satan), the beast (Anti-christ), and the false prophet (the representative image), are considered by some to be the ________________________________________.

*4. The “three unclean spirits like frogs,” go into all the earth, to convince the kings of the earth to:

a. ...unify with the ________________________________________________ system

b. ...and make wars against the ________________________________________.

5. Some scholars believe that this gathering is not only against Israel, but the ________________________________________________________.

*6. These kings of the earth will gather at ________________________________________ where Christ will come as a thief to rob them of victory and destroy them.

a. Armageddon, or Megiddo, is located about 60 miles north of ________________________________.

b. Some speculate that these saints could be gathered and ________________________________ by God in the wilderness around Megiddo. (Matthew 24 and Revelation 12).

c. It could be that the Lord will allow the location of the saints to be ________________________ at the close of the ________________________________________________________.

verses 17-21

1. The pouring out of the final vial accompanied by a great voice saying, “It is done” which marks the ________________________________of the Tribulation Judgments.

*2. Those who hold the Chronological Interpretation believe...

*a. ...that the expression “it is done” means that this will be the final plague ________________ the second coming of Christ to the earth to establish ________________________________________.

*b. ...that Armageddon happens ________________ the seventh vial judgment.

*c. ...the sixth vial is not the _________________ battle, but a gathering in __________________________ for the battle.

*3. According to the Concentrated Theory...

*a. ... the sixth vial is the ________________________ battle of Armageddon

*b. ...the seventh vial involves the judgment of the ________________________________ after Armageddon (Joel 3:9-17; Zech. 13:2-4; 14:4).

*c. ...The great earthquake is the parting of the mountain when Christ’s touch ________________________.

*d. ... final vial occurs at the _____________________________ as the sixth seal and the seventh trumpet.

4. The voices, thunders, and lightnings all signify _____________________ that causes ________________.

5. The similarity between this judgment and the seventh seal and the seventh vial judgments seems to offer support to the ________________________________________ Theory (Rev. 8:5; 11:19).

*6. Some see “the great city” here is ________________________________ (Rome), and the nations which followed after her are ________________________________.

*7. Others say that this “great city” refers to ____________________________ because of Chapter 11, verse 8.

8. A great hail falls from heaven, in which each stone weighs more than ________________ pounds.

9. Still, the inhabitants of earth do not ________________; instead they continue to ________________ God.