(BC 108) Revelation (Unit 4)

Course Description

A verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation focusing on the six series of sevens presented in the writing. This is a comparative study including the interpretations of many Bible believing authors and teachers. In this fourth unit, there will be ten lectures on the Seven Sureties presented in Chapters 17 through 22.

Assignment for Lecture One:
1) Copy and print out a copy of these notes before Lecture One. Notes may need to be spaced into outline format.
2) Read: Revelation Chapter 17

NOTE: All Numbers or letters marked with * should be studied for the evaluation.

The Seven Sureties

The First Surety: The Judgment of Babylon

Scripture: Revelation 17:1-7

Chronological Placement of the Judgment of Babylon

1. Those holding the Chronological Theory believe the Judgment of Babylon would follow the seven ________ judgments.

2. Those holding the Concentrated Theory would most likely hold the view associate the judgment of Babylon with the ___________ seal, ________________ trumpet, and ________________ vial judgments. (Zech. 14:14).

*3. In conclusion, both theories place the the fall of Babylon the Great around or at the time of Christ’s ____________________________ at the end of the __________________________________.

Characteristics of Babylon The Great
Spiritual Fornication

1. The word whore means “a woman who engages in illicit sex for gain or lust” and reveals the most ________________ characteristic of Babylon.

2. The fornication mentioned uses sexual fornication as a ____________________ of spiritual fornication.

a. Marriage is a picture of Christ’s relationship to the ____________________.

*b. Sexual fornication is any sexual relationship outside the ________________________ of God which is ________________________. (Heb. 13:4)

*c. The Greek word is porneia from which we get our word, “____________________________.”

*d. Spiritual fornication is any ____________________ outside the sanction of God which is ____________________________________. (John 4:24)

e. Spiritual fornication is religious unity outside God’s sanction of ____________________________.

Conclusion: God’s design for marriage never included physical union with other partners outside ____________________________. God’s design for worship, fellowship, and service never included union with beliefs outside ____________________________________.

Worldwide Influence

*1. The expression “many waters” usually represents a ____________________________________.

2. Her actual appearance is in ________________________ with John’s preconceived idea of her.

a. When John saw her, he wondered with great ____________________________ which denotes ________________________________.

b. The practical lesson is that this “great whore” was ________________________ and ____________________ to the kings of the earth.

3. She ____________________ the leaders of the earth into spiritual fornication.

4. John is shown the one behind every religious _____________________ throughout the Church Age.

Views on the Identification of Babylon the Great

*1. Many have made comparison with the robe and garb of the hierarchy of the ____________________________________ Church.

* a. The cup in her hand would represent the communion cup of ______________________________.

*b. The blood of saints and the martyrs of Jesus would be a direct reference to the ________________ of God’s people ________________________ by the Roman Church.

*c. Babel was an ____________________ political, commercial and religious effort to approach God through the medium of ________________________________.

d. Babylon was razed in 312 B.C. as Rome was progressing toward an ____________________ in the conquering of Italy.

e. While Isaiah was prophesying the coming of Christ (ca 750 BC), the legendary, _________________ was founding Rome, according to Roman legend.

f. Rome ruled the world when ________________ came, and it was upon a ____________________ cross that Jesus died.

g. The division and fall of the Roman Empire beginning in 395 A.D. was a single stage in the ________________________________________ of the Babylonian, Roman Empire.

2. This Mother of Harlots can be compared with the Roman Catholic in that:
a. She shed the blood of ____________________.
b. She is the mystery woman who sits on ________________________.
c. She will be empowered by a ________________ that was, is not and yet is.
d. She is called a ________________________.
e. She holds a ____________________________ full of abominations.
f. She is referred to as the ________________ of Heaven.
g. She is the possessor of great earthly ____________________.

3. If not Babylon the Great, the Roman Catholic Church is a definite ____________________ of this great evil confederation.

Babylon and The False Church

*1. Babylon here is seen by many scholars as the false or counterfeit ____________________.

a. The conclusion is that satan having a counterfeit ________________ would have a counterfeit ________________ as well.

b. Those holding this view believe that when the ____________________ happens, the __________ believers will be taken out and the ________________ believers will remain behind to ultimately become the false church.

*2. Support for this belief is found in:

* a. The mystery of the kingdom ________________________ in Matthew 13.

*b. The writings of ____________ concerning the mystery in his epistles (Eph. 3:1-6; II Thes. 2:7).

*3. Some today see this Great Harlot as ____________________________, identifying the ____________________________ as the Anti-christ.

4. Other Speculations:
Number 1: Baghdad
Number 2: Worldwide commercial system
Number 3: New York City
Number 4: The Vatican
Number 5: Ancient Rome
Number 6: Worldwide organized religion in general
Number 7: Worldwide American imperialism
Number 8: Worldwide Roman Catholic Church
Number 9: Washington, D.C.
Number 10: Secret societies such as Illuminati, Freemasons, etc.

“The church which is married to the spirit of one age will find herself a widow in the next” (Paul Rees)

The Mystery Revealed

Scripture: Revelation 17: 7-18

The Scarlet Beast

Who is this Scarlet Beast upon which the great Harlot is sitting?

*1. Some believe that this beast is __________________ himself.


*2. There are also notable scholars who see this beast as the _________________________________.

a. This conclusion is reached by comparing Revelation Chapters 13 and 17 with __________________ Chapter 7.

b. The four beasts would be world empires.

c. The fourth beast as the ____________________ Empire which would rise, fall, and rise again in the future.

d. The little horn is the ______________________________.

The Seven Heads

1. The seven heads probably have a ________________________________________.

*a. Geographically, they represent seven ___________________________ on which Babylon sits.

*b. Politically, the seven heads are connected with ______________________________:

(1) Five are fallen: refers to the five __________ kingdoms who have ruled __________________.

(2) One is: refers to ____________________ Rome, which was in power in ______________________________.

(3) One is not yet come: refers to the ________________________________________ Empire, which will only continue __________ years.

2. Gaebelein presents them as ______________________________ of Roman government.

The Eighth Head

The eighth head, or king, mentioned here is a field of friendly disagreement among prominent scholars. Here are the three most popular interpretations:

1. First, there is the identification of this head as the ________________________________________.

*2. Some identify this eighth king as the ______________________________.

a. He is the “______________________________________” and will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

b. He is the __________________________________, which Daniel saw on the ten horned Beast.”

*3. There are those who believe that this eighth head is ______________________________.

*a. This eighth head is the final rebellion headed by ___________________ at the close of the ______________________________.

*b. He is “of the seven” in that he has been the ____________________ behind all ________________________________________.

The Ten Horns

1. The ten horns are ten kings who have ___________________________________________ as yet.

*a. Ten is the number of _____________________________________________.

*b. These ten kings could represent the ________________________________________ of the world during the ________________________________________.

*2. This woman is associated, if not synonymous with the city of __________ as the true church is synonymous with the ________________________________________.

a. The relationship between Christ and His bride is one of ____________________________________________________________.

b. The relationship between Babylon and her subjects is one of ____________________________________________________________.

3. This hatred toward the great whore could come as a result of the ____________________ which God sends upon her followers.

*a. Her own followers will ________________________________________ her.

b. As a result, she ends up being:

(1) ...desolate emphasizing being ____________________,

(2) ...naked emphasizing being ____________________,

(3) ...eaten up emphasizing being _________________________

(4) ...burned emphasizing being ____________________.

4. Is Babylon the Roman Catholic Church?

a. Catholicism does fit the ______________________________ in many ways.

b. Catholicism as we know it today will only be a part of __________________________.

*c. Babylon will be the ________________ of every false doctrine, denomination, and religious organization into one ________________________________________.

d. It will be a one-world church with power and influence over the ____________________ and ______________________________ empires of the world.

Chapter 18

The Judgment of Religious Babylon

1. In Chapter 17, we noticed the _____________________ judgment of Babylon.

*2. In Chapter 18, we move to the _____________________ and ____________________________ judgment of this harlot system (church).

Verse 1

*1. The word “angel” means “____________________________.”

2. Who is this mighty angel?

*a. ___________________________________

(1) He is like the Angel in Chapter _______.

(2) Some narrow his identity down to his being either ___________________________________.

*b. ___________________________________.

(1) Christ alone has the power and authority of ____________________________.

(2) the word angel in its purest meaning which refers simply to a _________________________.

(3) Those holding the Concentrated Theory believe that this “coming down” mentioned here could even be referring to the _________________________________________________.

Verses 2 & 3

1. God allowed this harlot system (church) to exist that she could ______________________________ to be judged.

*2. This complete union of wickedness is seen in:

*a. Devils referring to ___________________________________.

*b. Foul spirits are ________________________________ spiritual beings.

*c. Unclean birds represent _____________________ or _____________________ of pure doctrine. (Matt. 13:4, 19)

3. Paul showed that we are ___________________________________ with these enemies (Eph. 6:12).

Verse 4

1. Some believe that this is an offer of ____________________________ to the inhabitants of Babylon.

2. Others believe that this is addressed to the inhabitants of the ___________________ age to recognize ____________________________ and come out of it.

3. There is also the belief that God will have His __________________________________________ in Babylon (Rome) and calls them out before judgment.

Verses 5 - 7

1. The principle of ______________________________________ is also clearly seen in this judgment.

2. She will not only pay, but she will pay _____________________.

3. Her boast of glory and security will be silenced by ___________________________________.

Verses 8 - 10

1. Then, we notice the _____________________ and _____________________ of her judgment.

a. God has a ____________ and an ____________ for her judgment.

b. It will not be a __________________________________________ task for God to destroy her.

c. At her judgment, the ______________ of the earth will ______________ at her destruction.

2. Their remorse is over __________________________________, rather than the condition of their ________________.

The Judgment of Commercial Babylon

Verses 11 - 13

*1. Here we find the judgment of the ____________________________________ phase of Babylon.

*a. False religion usually leads to commercial _____________________________.

b. Today, most of the various off shoots of “Christianity” are nothing more than ______________________________________________________.

c. The obtaining of money is their chief _________ and __________________.

d. Many religions teach that the giving of money can actually _________ your soul or ________________ for your sins.

e. Multitudes of people are investing their ____________________________________ in some false religion.

*2. ___________________________ is probably one the biggest businesses in the world today.

*3. ____________________________________ uses the media to scam ____________________________________ dollars each year.

*4. This will be religion ____________________________________ for God’s ultimate judgment.

*5. True believers should ________________________ a religious enterprise and ________________ it.

Verses 14 - 15

1. The wealthy, “big business” religions of today are but ___________________________ of these merchants who will invest their ____________________________________ in Babylon.

2. Verses 14 and 15 reveal that false religion does bring ___________________________ comfort and gain.

Verses 16 - 19

*1. Here is described the __________________ of these merchants who put their material gain in the hands of Babylon and suffer loss at her judgment.

2. A merchant is one who buys and sells for a ____________________________________.

3. When a person tries to use _________________________ for personal gain, he will suffer great loss.

4. Those who invest their talents, riches and time for the glory of God, will receive

Verses 20-24

*1. These verses describe that her total destruction will be the ___________________________ of God for His __________________.

2. Not only will Babylon be judged for her offense against _________, but she will also be judged for her offense against _____________________________________________.

a. In the past, Romanism killed many ___________________________ of the faith.

b. Today, terrorists are seeking to kill missionaries who are ___________________________ the Gospel of Christ.

c. During the Tribulation Period, Babylon the Great, will kill those who _____________________________________________ her.

3. We can rest assured that God will __________________________ every drop of blood shed by His ___________________________________________.

Chapter 19

The Second Surety:
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

In this Chapter 19, we notice three things that are sure to happen:

1. The ____________________________________________ of the Lamb;

2. The ____________________________________ of Christ

3. The ________________________ of the Great God.

Verses 1-3

1. Chapter 18 closes with the destruction of Babylon as viewed ________________________________.

2. Chapter 19, the scene quickly changes ________________________________.

3. The inhabitants of earth are ________________________ the destruction of Babylon while heaven ________________________.

*a. They shout “Alleluia” which means “______________________________________________.”

*b. Some believe that “much people” represents those who were martyred during the ____________________________________________________________.

Verse 4

1. Their praise to God f is then accompanied by the voices of the:

*a. the twenty four ______________ (representing the Old and New Testament _________________

*b. the four ____________________ representing the ministering _____________________ of God, righteous ________________________ empire.

*2. These groups represent the ____________________________________ of heaven.

Verses 5 - 6

1. A voice commands all to _____________________________ and _____________________ God.

a. Some believe that this is the voice of ________________________.

b. He alone is ____________________________________ to issue such a call to praise.

2. This voice is directing every form of ______________________ from every form of _________________________________ into one unified, harmonious praise.

3. In response, ________________________________________ breaks out in glorious praise to God.

Verses 7 - 8

1. The object of this outburst of praise is the manifestation of the _____________________ of Christ, the ________________________.

2. This is the complete fulfillment and manifestation of the ________________________ of the Church.

3. This progressive, mounting praise which began with the ____________________________________ of Babylon, reaches its ________________________ with the revelation of the glorious Bride of Christ.

*a. She is made righteous through her _____________________ in Christ.

*b. She is made glorious by her being ____________________________________ at the Rapture.

*c. She is made ready by her accounting at the __________________________________________ (I Cor 3:10-15; II Cor. 5:7-10).

Verse 9

1. The angel speaking is probably the one who showed John the _____________________________ of the “great whore” in Chapter 17:1.

*2. It is most likely that all ____________________________________ make up the Bride of Christ, and the Old Testament saints will be there as guests.

*3. Some believe that this feast and marriage will not take place until after Christ returns to earth to ____________________________________________________________.

*4. Others believe the Marriage of the Lamb will take place __________________________________ just ____________________________ His coming back to earth in glory.

Verse 10

1. John fell down to worship this angel of the seventh vial ____________________________________.

2. The angel reminds John that he is also a servant of Christ __________________________________ to be worshipped.

*3. The expression “testimony of Jesus” simply refers to the __________________________________.

a. The Gospel of Christ is the very ____________________________________ of divine ____________________________________.

b. Christ is the very soul and life of _______________________________.

c. Christ alone is worthy to be _____________________________________________ among men.

The Third Surety: The Revelation of Christ

Verses 11 - 16

*1. This is the ______________________________ of Christ.

2. This is the time when Christ will return to earth in ____________ and ________________________.

a. The first time He came, He came in __________________ and __________________,

b. Now the Lamb has become the ____________.

*3. Two evident factors:

*a. The __________________ of Jesus

*b. The __________________ of Jesus.

*c. His names have to do with His ______________________, while His wrath reveals His true ____________________________________.


*1. Jesus (v. 10) Means “______________________________________________________.”

2. Faithful (v. 11) Christ never failed in His ____________________________________ to the Father.

3. True (v. 11) Jesus is Truth ______________________________.

4. The Word of God (v. 13)

a. “Word” is “logos” which means “the ______________________________ of a thought” (John 1:1)

b. The characteristics, desires, and mind of the invisible Father are ______________________________________________________ through the visible Son (John 1:18; 14:8-9).

5. The Almighty God (v. 15) Christ is the __________________________________________ of the divine judgment of the Godhead (John 5:22).

6. The King of Kings (v. 16)

a. Christ _____________________________ creation and the creatures of the earth with His blood.

b. Christ will claim His rightful position as ____________________________________ of the earth.

c. The many crowns signify His ____________________________ sovereignty over the entire earth.

7. The Lord of Lords (v. 16) denotes the __________________________________________ to execute His Kingly position.

a. The Greek word for Lord means to be ________________________ or in __________________.

b. Christ rules the ________________________.

8. The unknown name mentioned in verse 12 is the ____________________________ of God the Son.

The Wrath of Jesus

1. Christ came to earth in humility and mercy; but , when He returns in the Revelation, He will come in ________________________________________________.

2. The description:

a. Judge and Make War (v. 11) There can be no true peace until those who oppose it are ______________________________ and put down.

b. Eyes As A Flame Of Fire (v. 12) The eternal flame of God signifies ________________________.

c. Vesture Dipped In Blood/ Treadeth The Winepress (vs. 13 &15) This is the blood of ____________________________________. (Isaiah 64:1-4; Revelation 14:14-20).

d. Out Of His Mouth Goeth A Sharp Sword (v. 15) This is the _____________________. (Isaiah 11:4)

3. Some believe that armies of heaven in verse 14 are the saints of ________________________.

4. Others limit the group to saints of the ______________________________.

5. They will not only return to earth with Christ, but they will be part of His __________________ and His ______________________________.


*1. This is ____________________________________.

*2. Many have labeled this feast as the “____________________________________.”

Verses 17 - 19

1. The Anti-christ and the deceived kings of the earth will gather together to make war against Christ and ____________________________________.

2. Perhaps this multitude is driven mad and enraged by the fall of Babylon and blame God for the failure of the __________________________________________.

Verses 20-21

1. This powerful alliance is no match for the ____________________________________.

*2. First, the beast and the false prophet will be the first inhabitants of the eternal ____________________________________.

3. The followers of the Anti-christ system _____________________________ at the command of Christ.

4. Their souls will immediately go to hell, as their bodies are consumed by the

Chapter 20

Verses 1 - 6

The Fifth Surety
The Thousand Year Reign of Christ

*1. The fifth surety is the Thousand Year Reign of Christ also known as The ______________________.

a. These verses continue with the judgment of Christ upon the _____________________________ of the earth.

b. With the beast and false prophet in the Lake of Fire, ______________ is dealt with in Chapter 20.

c. He is bound and imprisoned in the bottomless pit, which is synonymous with ___________.

d. Satan will be placed in hell with sinful ___________ and ______________________.

*2. The key and chain are ____________________________.

a. Symbolizing the ____________________ of God to put souls and spirits into hell, and His _____________________ to keep them there.

b. This thousand year reign will be blessed by the absence of Satan and his ___________________ of the nations.

c. However, he will come back on the scene at the __________________ of the thousand years.

Personal Study: Outline concerning Satan and Revelation 20.

I. The Detention of Satan (vs. 1-3)
II. The Deception of Satan (vs.3,7-8)
A. Absent during Thousand Year Reign (v. 3)
B. Present at close of Thousand Year Reign (vs. 7-8)
III. The Destruction of Satan (v. 10)
IV. The Destruction of Satan’s Followers (vs. 11-15)

Facts Concerning The Millennium

1. Fact #1: ____________________________________________________________

*a. The word “millennium” means “_________________________________________________.”

b. We find the expression “a thousand years” mentioned ______________________ in this chapter.

2. Fact #2: _____________________________________________________________

a. The enemies of God have been _________________________________,...

b. the devil is in the ____________________________________________...,

c. true ______________________ has received Christ as their King...

* d. ...and Christ is _________________________________ on earth.

e. He will rule with a _________________________________________.

*(1) Survivors of the Tribulation Period who enter into the millennial reign will have ____________________________________________.

*(2) They will have a _________________________________.

*(3) They will be able to ____________________________________________.

*(a) These children will have the _______________________________ of Adam.

*(b) These children will have to receive Christ as their _________________________, as well as their King.

(4) There will be a multitude of people who will ______________________________ serve Christ during the thousand years who never receive Him in their ______________________.

*(a) These will later be deceived by Satan to form a _________________________________ ______________________Christ (vs. 7-9).

(b) There will be no ______________________ rebellion tolerated during the millennium.

3. Fact #3: ___________________________________________________________

a. There are two classes of people who will reign with Christ during the millennium:

(1) _______________________________________________________ (v.4)

(2) ____________________________________________________________ (vs. 5-6)

*(a) The First Resurrection of Life takes place in _____________________________________ (I Cor. 15:22-23).

*[1] The resurrection of _____________________ ...

*[2] the _____________________________...

*[3] the two _________________________________ in Revelation 11...

*[4] and the resurrection of the _________________________ saints here in Chapter 20.

(b) The Resurrection of Damnation happens in a _________________________________ at the end of the millennium.

*(c) Those of _________________________________________ of the First Resurrection will live and reign with Christ during this thousand years.

b. There will be ____________________ of honor based on the ____________________________ of the believer.

c. As priests of God and Christ, we will have a _________________________________________ during the millennium.

(For a further study of the millennium, read Isaiah 2:1-5; 11:1-9; 35:1-10; 65:17-25).

The Sixth Surety:
The Great White Throne Judgment

Verses 7 - 9

1. Satan is released out of the bottomless pit _______________________________ of the thousand year reign of Christ.

a. He will stir up _________________________________ by deceiving the people of the earth.

b. They will be ______________________ together and __________________ with fire from heaven.

2. Gog and Magog are probably not the actual Gog and Magog spoken of in ___________________, but probably representative of:

a. the ___________________________ forces who take part in the battle of Armageddon...

b. innumerable army of _______________________________.

3. The beloved city is _________________________________, from which Christ will rule the earth.

Verse 10

1. The devil is cast in the _________________________________.

2. He will spearhead no more rebellions, but rather be ____________________________ day and night for ever and ever.

Verses 11 - 15

1. The Great White Throne Judgment. is the judgment of the ________________________________ of the ages.

2. There is no “____________________________________________” taught in the Word of God.

a. There will be a judgment concerning ______________________ at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

b. There will be a judgment for _________________________________ at the Great White Throne.

3. At this Great White Throne Judgment, the __________________ of the lost will re-materialize and the ____________________ of the lost will be joined with these ______________________.

a. They will stand before God and give account for their ___________________.

b. They are judged according to their works because their names are not written in the __________________________________________________.

c. Every man who is judged according to his works will be cast into the _______________________.

d. This is the _________________________________.

(1) The first death, which is ______________________________ death in Adam, can be rectified through faith in Christ.

(2) The second death is an ______________________ death that can never be made right.

Chapter 21

The Seventh Surety -
The eternal glory of the redeemed

Verse 1

The subject of the new heaven and new earth has been boiled down to two basic beliefs:

*1. The _____________________________________ Theory

*a. Many Bible scholars believe that the earth will not be totally ______________________, but will be renovated, or ______________________.

b. They believe the fervent heat in II Peter 3:10 merely ______________________ and ______________________ the heavens and earth.

c. They use the life of the ______________________ as an example declaring that the believer is the _________________________________, only renovated (II Cor. 5:17).

*2. The _________________________________________ Theory

*a. Others believe that the heavens and earth will be _____________________________ burned up and return to a great void of ____________________________________.

*b. From this void, God will ______________________ a new heaven and a new earth.

c. They take the expression “passed away” to mean ______________________ or _________________________________.

3. Whatever the case, whether new or renovated, this “new” heaven and earth will be free of the _______________________ and _______________________________ of sin and its byproducts.

*4. he earth will be ______________________ with no oceans or seas.

The New Jerusalem

Verse 2

1. The old Jerusalem would definitely be the city of Jerusalem which is located in __________________.

2. This “New Jerusalem” is clearly the ________________________________________ of those who names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life (vs. 27).

*3. Some scholars have interpreted the New Jerusalem as being _______________________________ .

a. The church is set forth as a ________________________________ in Scripture:

(1) God’s Building (I Cor. 3:9)
(2) God’s Habitation (Eph. 2:22)
(3) A Holy Temple (Eph. 2:21)
(4) A Building of Precious Stones (I Peter 2:4-5; Eph. 2:20-21)
(5) A Spiritual Building (I Peter 2:5)

b. According to Hebrews 12:22-24 the Church is a ______________________________ city today, which will be manifested as a ________________________________ city in Rev. 21.

c. The ______________________ showed John the holy Jerusalem as the bride, the Lamb’s wife, in verses 9 and 10 .

4. Similarities between the Church and the New Jerusalem.

a. ...prepared as a ________________ adorned for her husband.”

Verse 3

b. Ephesians 2:22 calls the church the “_______________________________________ of God.”

(1) The word “tabernacle” means literally, “a ________________________________________.”

(2) God dwells in the church through the person of the ________________________________.

Verses 4 - 5

c. II Cor. 5:17 and Eph. 2:13-19 teach that the church is a ________________________________.

Verses 6 - 7

d. Notice that Christ makes two promises which are true and faithful:

*(1) “I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.” This is the promise of ________________________________ to those who receive Him. (John 4:14; 7:37-39)

*(2) “I will be his God, and he shall be my son.” Believers are the _______________ of God to these eternal blessings.

Verse 8

e. Those who _________________ and ______________ Christ will not be part of this blessed city.

f. Rather than partaking of the waters of eternal ____________, they will partake of the lake of eternal ______________________.

Verses 9 - 10

5. The angel invited John to see the Bride of Christ and showed him the ________________________.

6. The one thing that we can all agree on is the fact that the New Jerusalem and the Bride of Christ are ________________________________________.

Description of the New Jerusalem

Verses 11 - 21

These verses give a description of the New Jerusalem:

1. It was lighted by a ________________________________ that was crystal clear.

2. It was surrounded by a great wall which had 12 gates each designated to one of the ________________________________ of Israel.

a. Many believe that Israel will ________________________ the new earth, but will have ________________ to Christ in this holy city.

b. Each tribe will ________________________________ by the gate appointed to it.

3. The foundations of the wall have the names of the 12 ________________________ of Christ.

*4. The city was square and measured twelve thousand furlongs in each direction which would be about ________________ miles.

*5. The wall was 44 cubits high, which would be about ________________________.

6. The walls were constructed of ________________, and the city was built of _____________________________.

7. The foundations were each garnished with ________________________________________.

8. The 12 gates were each made of one single ________________________.

9. The street of the city was also made of ________________________.

Verses 22 - 27

1. This eternal city will have a perfect ________________________________________.

2. This will be a ministry of praise and adoration rather than _______________________________.

*3. There will be no temple needed within the city because sin will no longer be present; and God will ________________________________ with man as He did with Adam.

*4. There will be no need of the sun or moon in the New Jerusalem because the presence of God and Christ will __________________________________________.

*5. The personal presence of the glory of God will make it impossible for any unrighteous person or thing to ________________ or ________________________ this city.

6. The Lamb’s Book of Life contains the names of the redeemed of every ________________________________________ (Exodus 32:32).

7. Some have even suggested that this city will be ________________________________ above the earth to give light.

8. Others believe that this city will take the place of the ________ and the new earth will revolve around it.

9. The future eternal state will be a time of perfect ________________________________.

10. The open gates probably signify complete unhindered _____________________ to God and Christ.

Chapter 22


Verse 1

1. The river of life is springing from the throne of God and Christ is seen as an _____________________ well.

2. The water is crystal clear again emphasizing ________________.

3. The ________________________________________ will not only be the source of light for the new earth, it will also be the source of water.

*4. In the eternal state the water will seen flowing directly from the throne of ________________________________________.


Verse 2

1. There is only one Tree of Life mentioned; yet, there are many _____________________ for this tree.

2. The base of the tree seems to form a ___________________________ through which the river flows.

3. With this explanation, the street would refer to the ________ of the river.

*4. The tree produces twelve kinds of fruit and bares fruit ________________________________.

5. As the River of Life will be the water supply for the earth, the Tree of Life will be the ________________________________________ for the earth.

6. God took away the _____________________ to the Tree of Life from Adam, but in the eternal state, the Tree will be readily ________________________________ to all. (Genesis 3:22).

7. It will maintain eternal ________________________________ to the inhabitants of earth.

Verses 3 - 4

*1. The Greek word used here for healing is where we get our English word “_____________________.”

2. The leaves will be important to the ________________________________ of physical life, just as the Water of Life and Tree of Life.

*3. The curse that separated man from God will be ________________________________.

4. Man will once again commune with God ________________________________.

5. Exactly how God will preserve and purify the human race for the eternal state

6. The expression “His name shall be in their foreheads” signifies a
________________________________________ knowledge of God.

Verse 5

*1. The eternal state will be ________________________________ day.

2. Most believe that all believers will live and reign with Christ forever, but there will be different ____________________ of authority given according to our _______________________________ in this life.


Verses 6 - 7

1. There is a sense of ________________________________ of Christ’s soon return.

2. The word “keep” means “to ________________________________” or “________________” these truths to our lives.

Verses 8 - 9

1. John seeks to fall down at the feet of an angel, and again we are reminded that angels are ________________________________________________________.

2. The saints of the Church Age and ________________________________________ were also the objects of angelic protection and provision.

3. It is God who ________________________ and ________________________ the angelic hosts in their ministry to man.

Verse 10 - 15

1. John is commanded ________________________________ up this prophecy.

2. Those who ________________ Christ in this life shall live with Him for eternity.

3. Those who shut Christ out through ________________________________ shall be shut out of His blessed city.

Verses 16 - 21

1. Jesus closes the letter with a warning to those who would __________________________________ from this prophecy.

2. The ________________, through the ________________, is inviting people to come to Christ.

3. The invitation that is given to the lost sinner by the Gospel is the invitation to ________________________.